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McCord Public School District


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One Book, One District, One Family Read


Our One Book, One District, One Family Reading this year is Secrets According to Humphrey. We hope families will participate in this fun reading initiative by reading the book together each evening. We have a short comprehension question for each chapter. Your child can write his/her answer on a piece of paper with their name on it and turn it into the library for a chance to win a prize. 


Monday, February 27

Chapter 2 (chapter 1 was read as a kick off at school, feel free to reread as a family though)

List two things Humphrey learned from the Secret of the Nile video. 


Tuesday, February 28

Chapter 3 

Is it okay to make a club where other's feel left out? What did Mrs. B mean by "Look before you Leap"?


Wednesday, March 1

Chapter 4 

Phobe lives with her grandmother, where are her parents? Write family names with symbols p. 35


Thursday, March 2

Chapter 5 

Write meaning of vocabulary words: papyrus, hieroglyphics, pharaoh. What secret did Joey tell Mrs. Brisbane?


Friday, March 3 

Chapter 6

What was Humphrey's secret mission in the library? Did he find it? Tell funny jokes as a family. 


Saturday, March 4 

Chapter 7

As a family, discuss the question on page 72. Are secrets good or are they bad? Why?


Sunday, March 5 

Chapter 8 

What is the answer and meaning to the Sphinx riddle?


Monday, March 6 

Chapter 9 

What was the earliest board game played by the Egyptians? Play a board game with your family!


Tuesday, March 7

Chapter 10

What lesson did Mrs. Brisbane teach her students about secrets? Try playing "Pass the Secret" game. 


Wednesday, March 8 

Chapter 11 

What did Humphrey lose that was very important to him? What was Aldo's secret?


Thursday, March 9

Chapter 12 

Discuss any parts of the book you liked. Try keeping your own notebook. 


Friday, March 10

Chapter 13

Enjoy and talk about the chapter as a family!