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May 04-08


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Special Assignment: Create a plant/flower with all the parts of a plant. Be creative.  You may use any materials/craft items/nature items, etc. to make your plant. We will have plant show-and-tell on the Friday Zoom meeting. If you cannot make it to the Zoom meeting, take a picture and send it to me via text, Remind, or email. You may also share on the Facebook page if you choose.

Due by Friday, May 8th.


Phonics:      These are optional. 

  • M - Vowels Review Day 3     Answers -  Write: nose, pod, home, mole, log, dog, robe, hole, mop
  • T -  Vowels Review Day 4     Answers -  Write: hut, tube, hug, dune, tub, cube, mule, gum, mute
  • W - Vowels Review Day 5     Answers -  Write: kite, rake, cut, bag, wig, tune, rose, net, pot
  • Th- Vowels Review Day 6     Answers -  Write: fume, leg, rope, bug, lake, zip, pan, hot, five
  • F -  

         Drops In The Bucket:

  • M - P11-P12
  • T -  P13-P14  
  • W - P15-P16 - Take a pic of both pages and send to me.
  • Th- P17-P18 
  • F -  P19-P20

Math:          OKLesson#

  • M - Lessons  OK13      pages OK73-OK76
  • T -  Lessons  OK14      pages OK79-OK82 - Take a pic of pages OK80 & OK81 and send to me. 
  • W - Lesson   OK15      pages OK85-OK88 
  • Th- Lesson   OK16       pages OK91-OK94
  • Th- Lesson   OK17      pages OK97-OK100


  • M - Phonics Reader - Three Rich Sheep
  • T -  Phonics Reader - Three Rich Sheep
  • W - Phonics Reader - Eight Is The Best Number!
  • Th- Phonics Reader - Eight Is The Best Number!
  • F -  Phonics Reader - Reread any or all of the readers.

Sight Words:

Practice sight words every day.  I am posting videos to practice sight words on my FaceBook page.