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April 27-May 1


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Special Assignment: Draw a picture and write 3 sentences telling me what you have learned about plants this week.  Remember a sentence starts with a capitol letter and ends with a period. Don't forget to write your name on your paper. Take a picture and send it to me via text, Remind, or email. You may also share on the Facebook page if you choose.

Due by Friday, May 1st.


Phonics:      These are optional. 

  • M - R Controlled Day 1 /ar/            Answers -  Write: jar, yarn, star
  • T -  R Controlled Day 2 /ar/            Answers -  Write: barn, art, arm, car, harp, cart
  • W - Endings Day 1  /-ing/               Answers - Add "ing" to each word.
  • Th- Vowels Review Day 1 /tr/         Answers - Write: bat, cape, game, cat, vase, tag, name, map, tape
  • F -  Vowels Review Day 2 /br/        Answers - Write: bib, mine, pipe, pig, dip, dime, lime, hit, dive

         Drops In The Bucket:

  • M - P1-P2
  • T -  P3-P4 
  • W - P5-P6
  • Th- P7-P8 - Take a pic of both pages and send to me.
  • F -  P9-P10

Math:          OKLesson#

  • M - Lessons  OK8        pages OK43-OK46
  • T -  Lessons  OK9       pages OK49-OK52 - Take a pic of pages OK50 & OK51 and send to me. 
  • W - Lesson   OK10       pages OK55-OK58 
  • Th- Lesson   OK11       pages OK61-OK64
  • Th- Lesson   OK12      pages OK67-OK70


  • M - Phonics Reader - Will She Tell?
  • T -  Phonics Reader - Will She Tell?
  • W - Phonics Reader - Look Who Can Cook
  • Th- Phonics Reader - Look Who Can Cook
  • F -  Phonics Reader - Reread any or all of the readers.

Sight Words:

Practice sight words every day.  I am posting videos to practice sight words on my FaceBook page.
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