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April 20-24


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Special Assignment: Make a butterfly lifecycle. Be creative. Use any materials you wish/have at home. Examples; pasta, sticks, rocks, fabric, construction or colored paper, craft materials, etc.  You need to make the egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Take a picture or video and send it to me via text, Remind, or email. You may also share on the Facebook page if you choose. Due by Friday, April 24th.


Phonics:      These are optional. 

  • M - L Blends Day 1 /cr/              Answers - Circle: crumbs, crown, cry, crayons, cricket - Write: crane, crab, crib
  • T -  L Blends Day 2 /dr/             Answers - Circle: dress, dragon, drink, dream, dryer - Write: drop, drum, drip
  • W - L Blends Day 3 /fr/              Answers - Circle: frown, friends, free, freckles, freeze - Write: frog, frame, frizz**
  • Th- L Blends Day 4 /tr/              Answers - Circle: tray, trumpet, trophy, tree, triangle - Write: trip, trash, trap 
  • F -  L Blends Day 5 /br/             Answers - Circle: broccoli, branch, braid, bread, broken - Write: bride, brush, brick

                                                        **Frizz - You will need to tell your child to write the second "z".

Review Work:

  • M - saw/will
  • T -  soon/must
  • W - want/into
  • Th- did/good - Take a pic of both pages and send to me.
  • F -  new/our/that (3 pages today)

Math:          Chapter.Lesson#

  • M - Lessons  7.5        pages 469-472
  • T -  Lessons  OK3       pages OK13-OK16 
  • W - Lesson   OK4       pages OK19-OK22 - Take a pic of pages OK20 & OK21 and send to me.
  • Th- Lesson   OK5        pages OK25-OK28
  • Th- Lesson   OK6       pages OK31-OK34


  • M - Phonics Reader - Spin to Win
  • T -  Phonics Reader - Spin to Win
  • W - Phonics Reader - My Pal Bo
  • Th- Phonics Reader - My Pal Bo
  • F -  Phonics Reader - Reread any or all of the readers.

Sight Words:

  • Practice sight words every day.  I am posting videos to practice sight words on my FaceBook page.